Password generator

Password generator

Password generator

Replace the standard cursor with something cute. People with the image of a circle on the mask from "Squid Game" are workers - they are unarmed, doing various jobs, and will do a great job as a custom cursor. Download this extension, after installing it, click on the icon that appears on the toolbar in the tab, click on the icon in the toolbar and select the cursors you like and then update active tab, you will definitely find something for yourself, because we provide more than 12 cursors These cursors do not work on the Google homepage and in the Google Chrome store. Just open another tab and your cursor will be activated. If you were on some tab and selected the cursor, but it has not changed, just refresh the page and it will work. P.S. remove the previous cursors, for the extension to work properly People with the image of a triangle on the mask from "Squid Game" are soldiers, on the hierarchical ladder are below the squares, but above the circles. It is the "triangles" that keep order during the games.


Laser Character - Page Destroyer

A cat that shoots a laser from its eyes will destroy everything you want to destroy on the web page

Kitty for Google Chrome

We all need warmth and hugs. And cats can give you that better than others. These cute animals bring comfort and warmth to your home.

Catch Cat - Super Game

Don't let the Cat Escape! Try to trap the cat by clicking the spots to darken them