Kitty for Google Chrome

Kitty for Google Chrome

Kitty for Google Chrome

We all need warmth and hugs. And cats can give you that better than others. These cute animals bring comfort and warmth to your home.

In our application, you can add cute cats to your browser space. They will delight you as they move across the screen. You can add cats of any size you want.

You can also choose a cat of any of those that are in our offer. Cats go about their business while you go about yours. They can hunt birds, look for other cats or food, they can hunt mice and just walk around your browser. They can go beyond the border of the screen, and then come back again and delight you.

You can also move the cat with the cursor to the place on the screen where you want.

So that you can do all this, we have created a cool Kitty product for Google Chrome.

The application already has 3 cats to choose from, but soon we will add a few more different cats and possibly other animals and other animations.

Soon things will get even more interesting.

And now we invite you to play with our cool cats.


Laser Character - Page Destroyer

A cat that shoots a laser from its eyes will destroy everything you want to destroy on the web page

Catch Cat - Super Game

Don't let the Cat Escape! Try to trap the cat by clicking the spots to darken them

Mouse cursors - Among Us Squid Game

10 Among Us Squid Game Cursors, choose your own cool cursor & cute cursor!