Catch Cat - Super Game

Catch Cat - Super Game

Catch Cat - Super Game

"Catch the Cat" is a game for those who love cats and think a little. This is a rather difficult puzzle game in which you have to work hard with your head if you want to win.

Your task is not to let the cat go beyond the boundaries of the field on which she runs, placing dark circles on her way. The cat will try to escape from you by avoiding the obstacles you set up.

Actions take place step by step, first you make your move, then the cat tries to run away by taking its step to one of the neighboring cells. This happens until there are no free circles left at the location or until the cat runs away.

If you have successfully surrounded the cat, you have won, and if not, the cat will run away and you will be prompted to start over.

Catch the Cat is a remake of the classic math puzzle Quadraphage in which a cat tries to escape from a hexagon board, one of the cells is blocked after each move. We wish you good luck in the game.


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